Whats the point of being here?
Haii :) Im 18 living in Malta.. im obsessed with quotes cause they manage to explain what im feeling better than i can myself. I dont promote self harm or suicide - theres always another way, things get better.

I have helped people through suicidal thoughts before and im always here to help.

My life was a bit of a mess and Ive been through a lot, so I always thought quotes were my life till two amazing people came into my life - my gorgeous god daughter and my awesome best friend Soph <3 Love them dearly, Id be a mess without them <3

i know better now
If you show me you don’t give a fuck, I’ll show you that I’m better at it.(via fukcx)

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oh my god you don’t understand how much i want to kiss you

or watch movies with you

or fall asleep with you

or drink coffee with you

or cuddle with you

or hold your hand

or go to amusement parks with you

or watch concerts with you 

or bake with you

i want to do everything with you and it kills me to know that i cant

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