Whats the point of being here?
Haii :) Im 18 living in Malta.. im obsessed with quotes cause they manage to explain what im feeling better than i can myself. I dont promote self harm or suicide - theres always another way, things get better.

I have helped people through suicidal thoughts before and im always here to help.

My life was a bit of a mess and Ive been through a lot, so I always thought quotes were my life till two amazing people came into my life - my gorgeous god daughter and my awesome best friend Soph <3 Love them dearly, Id be a mess without them <3
i dont think they&#8217;ll ever understand&#8230;

Because she thought she deserved it…

I guess so…

i just want a normal fucking family

i wish i could say my family was still a family 


People need to learn that it can’t just fucking go away

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